Are you thinking of hiring a babysitter to take of your kids? You may need to go out often or it may be the first time you need to leave your kids in the care of a baby sitter. Whatever the case, there are some very important things that you need to look in a baby sitter.

Read below on how you should choose your sitter:

History and recommendations

You will need to first do a background check of your sitter. Let’s say you have put an advertisement in the newspaper for a baby sitter. And you need to carefully, scrutinize all the applications you have received. And make a background check of each sitter before even inviting them over for an interview. You can get the necessary information through previous employers and it is also a good idea to check for criminal records. Then you will be able to establish what sort of a person and background the sitter has.


Next, take a look at the certifications of the sitter. There are many well recognized certifications issued to baby sitters if they undergo special trainings through the institution. It is best if you can get a sitter who has such a certification. The certification also ensures that the applicant has some sort of qualification and knowledge on how to manage the children. You can also trust them to give your kids the necessities like fish oil capsules on time for maintaining normal blood pressure.

Stress interviews

This is an ideal way to find out how the applicant will react to a stressful situation. The best thing is to keep them unaware that it is a stress interview and that they are being watched. You can pay them a sudden visit with your kids and see how well they react. Or you could leave about 5 kids under their care and see how they are interacting. A good baby sitter will be able to keep the kids in check whilst ensuring that they are safe and happy with her. Not forget the kids’ dietary supplement in Singapore.


Make sure to check thoroughly the prospective baby sitters records. Other than criminal records, you may want to try to get ahold of how mentally and physically fit she is. You may find it a hassle to get the necessary details. So you could arrange for a medical test and diagnostic to check for any conditions. As you don’t want your kids to have to unnecessarily deal with ailments and diseases! Or worse a mentally unstable person!

What You Should Look For When Hiring A Baby Sitter

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