We all have heard about using promotional presents to attract customers. We have also heard about advertising some valuable presents which you are ready to offer someone who comes to a certain event you are hosting. What these presents have in common is their use which is attracting more customers to your brand. While that is quite an important task we have to also think about keeping the customers who are already under our brand name with us.

One of the ways in which you can make the customers who are quite valuable to you stay with you is offering them corporate gifts Singapore. Nevertheless, if this special present you offer them contains any of the following qualities they are not going to be impressed by your effort to please them.


Every special present you offer has to be attractive. If it does not make the customer glad that they got it when they see it, all your efforts will be wasted. Having a great value does not make it okay for you to present it in an unattractive manner. Customers only get to know about the value later. There are such special present providers who can make sure every special present you choose is attractive.


Cheapness in both quality and price can make this present not so special. There are certain items in the market which are known by all to have this wonderful look and yet the worst quality as they are provided to you at a really low price. The knock-offs in the market of any branded item can be taken as an example. If your customer finds out you have presented them with a knock-off which is sold at a very cheap price they are not going to be impressed. They will feel angry about your effort to trick them.


Malfunction in any special present is also quite disastrous. Especially, with technological devices you have to find a reliable provider because otherwise you will pay a good price to get malfunctioning items. This means if you are going with a Bluetooth speaker supplier they have to be completely reliable to provide the best quality items.

Quality of Being Out of Date

Presenting an out of date item as a special present is also a terrible idea. Especially, presenting them with any kind of item which is out of fashion is a blunder.

If you can avoid choosing presents with these qualities you will have a chance at making a good impression in the minds of your special customers with your presents.

Qualities Which Should Never Be In The Special Present You Give To Special Customers

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