We are all looking to loosen up and enjoy life once in a while. The monotonous nature of life can be a bit heavy sometimes. What better way to let loose than a well-planned bash with your friends and family? There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to throw a bash. The only reason you need is a good time and collecting hazy memories. Okay so let’s be careful with the hazy! Jokes apart here are a few tips to help you plan the party of the century. Let’s leave out the obvious such as date and time. Ready? Okay let’s dive right in.

The right people

The right guest list should be the number one point on your check list. The right crowd is what you need to surround yourself with in order to have a good time and enjoy. If the people at the party are uninterested in the function that will dull the mood of everyone else. You’re not obliged to invite everyone you know. So be picky with who you invite.

Perfect location

Here’s number two. IMPORTANT!! It is imperative that you select the perfect location to set the mood. If you’re looking at a more chilled out bash the beach is a perfect spot, even your own home will do perfectly. A more let loose and go crazy bash I suggest you get a hall and do it up with the perfect decorations and maybe even a float in Singapore from a party store to feel the right vibes. You can never go wrong if you’ve got the deco that gives you the feels. Even the most menial of places can be transformed.

Foodie goodies

Now who’s saying no to food? And what’s a party without food? You can either order out from a catering service or if it is held at home prepare your own. Here’s a suggestion though. Don’t spend your afternoon preparing food for the night. By the time you’re done you will be too exhausted to enjoy the party. So let the professionals do their thing, you take the day off to have some fun.


It all comes together once you have the place adorned with the perfect decorations. It is always nice to spruce things up rather than have a dull atmosphere. A few lights, flowers or lanterns will go a long way. And if it is more than a casual bash don’t forget the photo booth and props. And if your party is based on a theme make sure your party decorations compliment.


And finally, don’t forget the entertainment for the night. Would you like to sing and dance around a bonfire at the beach or get a DJ to play all your favourite songs while you tap your feet to the rhythm and dance with your partner? Also why not maybe organize a few fun adult games. This always helps break the ice. We don’t want anyone feeling out of place or left out. Entertainment is what brings life to the bash yo!

Voila! Tips to help you plan the bash of the century. It doesn’t have to be over the top just because it says ‘Party of the Century’. It just means that everyone has the best time ever. Make sure your bash ticks all these boxes you will definitely have that bash everyone will be talking about for months. We all like a bit of fame and vanity once in a while. So Happy Partying!

Plan The Party Of The Century

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