Being satisfied with how we look is almost something we have to teach ourselves now a-days. Social media and society’s unfair expectations are largely to blame for this. But despite knowing this all, there are moments in life that we simply want to give it, and give the heart what it wants. If the shape of your face is that to you, then here are our tips on how to do so safely and with minimum damage

 Taking it under a knife

We are talking about getting your face professionally reshaped by a surgery of course. Whether you opt for something small like nose fillers or major like plastic surgery, it all depends on your necessities. Sure, this is the least inexpensive solutions, most definitely costing you an arm and leg, and perhaps even the riskiest solution; but without it is affective. Also, this is also the fastest solution to your problem. A word of caution though; decisions like this cannot be undone or erased¾so be very sure you want to opt for it.

 Losing weight

While there might be plenty of people telling you you can spot reduce your fat, we have under good authority that this is definitely not possible. If you feel your weight is affecting the shape of your face, then you should definitely try to lose weight; but in the whole body. Generally, the face is the last to let go of its fat. So don’t be disappointed if you are not seeing immediate results as you’d like…

 Face massage

Certain ways of massaging your face can stimulate and help reshape your face. It can be as affective as getting a nose filler in Singapore; but the results are definitely slower. However, this kind of massage has to be done under an experienced eye; so it might not be affective if you try to teach it yourself through YouTube or other video sharing platforms. so the next time you are at your saloon, ask them if they have face massages; specifically, those that help reshape your face.  

 Contouring through makeup

If you ask us for a safe, moderately expensive method of reshaping your face, we’d definitely say it’s through makeup. For sure, it takes a little practice to get right; but the wait is only until that. You can change the shape of your eyes (bigger or smaller or even more open), the shape of your nose, mouth, and your eyebrows as well. Even the length of your eyelashes can be tampered with! And the best part, there are plenty of highly informative videos online that can teach you how to do it yourself! So you will definitely have fun experimenting and learning this…

How To Reshape The Features Of Your Face?

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