As a parent of five little monsters, I feel as though I can even write a book with hundreds of pages on how we should bring them up! The first child was like one to observe and the second and third ones were the experiments where I tried and tested all my theories. My fourth and the fifth were the unlucky ones, who could never get their way with me. Because now I had become an expert on ‘childology’ and how to handle them little monsters!

Well, here are some of those tips for you!

A Rule for One Is a Rule for All

When you have rules around the house, remember that it is important to never discriminate against any of the little ones and even between the adults and the little ones. Because they will never be able to wrap their head around the fact of adults or another sibling having privileges above them. It is absolutely vital that you ensure a rule for one is a rule for all. For instance, if you have a rule that the little ones cannot eat after brushing their teeth in the night then it should be the same rule all everyone under that roof including yourself and uncontrollably screaming toddler!

Punishment and Reward Systems

Having a punishing and rewarding system, teaches the little ones from a very tender age that every action has reaction. That there will always be a consequence to what they do. So, you should always appreciate them when they do well! Give them an extra slice of chocolate for good behavior or any method that you view is fit for rewarding. And also do have a punishment system that teaches them that every negative behavior from their calls for a negative reaction from you. You can have simple punishments like refusing them their ice-cream on ice-cream day for about an hour and then giving it to them after obtaining a promise that he or she will not repeat the same mistake. Or you could give the boring task of dusting and rearranging the kids bookshelf, this is more appropriate for a bigger child.

 Let Them Know Who The Boss Is!

One of the biggest mistake we make as parents is not telling them who the boss is! If you want to be able to bring them up well with good manners, then from a tender age as a toddler always make sure to show them who the boss is! That they should always be kept in line from a single voice on your side. It is natural that as a parent you give in to their demands. But when it comes to deciding what is good or bad make sure that you make the decision. Things like arranging the kids wardrobe in Singapore should also be done under your supervision. But you should also give them the freedom to take their own decisions in simple matters to begin with and then little by little give them their complete independence.

 Shower Them with Truckloads of Love and Care

It is a common misconception that the little ones should not be attended to at once when they are having a fit of crying. However, the truth in my opinion is that, when they are given that special attention and care that they seek the most, they will automatically become better in behavior and will be more willing to listen to you. The truth is there is nothing love and care cannot change!

How To Inculcate Good Manners In A Child

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