Just assume once you getting married, you and your partner decided to go abroad to permanently live there. Where are you going to start? The very first decision you have to make is, the country that you are going to move to. That depends on two of your preference. After that there are hundreds of things to do. Most of us will begin by preparing our passport.

However, when you are planning to fly to become residents of that country, it is not only you who travel. You must take your belongings as well. The question is, how are you going to take those? Of course you cannot take them in your flight. But, you can get hold of an international mover. It is a company which provides shipping services for the people who migrate. It may include your furniture, your pet and so many other things. Finding a good company is a little bit difficult process as there are plenty of options available. You must be able to select the one which is suitable for your purpose.

Having said that, it should further be noted that there are few types of goods that you should not send through an best international household shipping company. Let’s look at some of those.


Jewelry, money and other valuables

 Although these are small in size, the value is extremely high. So that someone can easily steal at any time. Your moving company may be the most trusted out of others. But still, it is better not to give those things to them because theft can exist anywhere in this world.

 Hazardous substances

 This includes flammable and toxic stuff such as spray cans, match boxes etc. If you ship, you are risking not only your cargo, but also other’s cargo as well since a ship carries thousands of containers. 

 Perishable goods

 Mostly food items which are highly perishable, are not recommended to ship in a cargo. But, there are a special type of cargo, called reefer cargo in which temperature sensitive food can be travelled. Otherwise, if you put them in a normal one, it may attract harmful insects and damage other items as well.

 Plants, seeds and soil

 Generally, it is not advised to ship live plants and seeds. One of the main reasons for this is, some countries have strict rules and regulations to stop the entrance in order to avoid different diseases and contaminations. 

 Bottles with liquids

 All of us want to see our goods in perfect condition once they arrive the destination. Therefore, if you put open bottles with liquids and in case of a spill, it may affect all the other goods.

Have you packed any of these? Remove them as soon as possible.

Do Not Ship These In International Cargo

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