Anyone who has ever looked into buying an apartment knows there are two main ways to purchase an apartment. One is buying a complete apartment. The second option is buying an apartment which is under construction. That means the second option is going to be more of an investment as you only get to use it in the future. 

If you are currently looking at one of the best apartment complexes under construction such as The Criterion executive condo at Yishun, to make a good decision you need to understand the difference between buying a complete apartment and an apartment under construction.

Individual Owner vs. Developer

Most of the time, when you are buying a complete apartment the person you have to deal with is an individual owner. This is the person who has bought the apartment from the developer. If the individual owner has used the apartment well you will have a good apartment. If not, you will be left with a damaged apartment. If you are buying an apartment under construction you will be dealing with the developer of the apartment complex. If the developer is one who has built a number of other buildings successfully the apartment you get at the end of the construction will be great.

Decisions Based on the Actual Apartment vs. Decisions Based on a Model Apartment

As you buy a complete apartment you will be making your decisions based on the actual apartment as it is available for you to visit and see. When you are making decisions about an apartment under construction you do not get to visit the actual apartment during the purchasing stage. All your decisions have to be based on visiting the model apartment. However, you will still get a complete idea about the apartment you will own in the future with other information supplied by the developer such as The Criterion EC floor plan PDF.

Finished Apartment Price vs. Apartment under Construction Price

There is a clear difference between the prices of the finished apartment and the apartment under construction. Usually, the finished apartment is sold at the market value while the apartment under construction is sold below the market value with discounts offered by the developer. So, there is an advantage price-wise when you are buying an apartment under construction.

Now that you have a basic idea about the kind of differences you will be dealing with when buying a complete apartment and an apartment under construction, you can make your decision better. Choose the better option for you.

Difference Between Buying A Complete Apartment And An Apartment Under Construction

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