For many companies visits by corporate guests are a part of the business. Therefore, companies who frequently welcome corporate guests or companies who frequently host conferences and seminars may be perusing for a budget friendly accommodation idea. This is because, while some companies ask their guests to pay for their lodging many others offer free lodging and transport to their guests. Therefore, one should look for an option that is ideal for both short and long term guests.


The hotel or apartment should be located at a central place within close proximity to both public transport and cab stops. Furthermore, one can also ensure that it is near local attractions or eateries if the corporate visitor decides to explore the city in his free time. Most importantly however, one should ensure that the hotel or apartment is located in proximity to the office complex in order to reduce commute time. Therefore, prior to making a decision the company can visit these hotels or apartments in order to streamline the decision- making process if they do not offer any information about the convenience of their location. The convenient location of the Kingsford waterbay showflat location for instance is available for companies to access online.


This is also an important factor be determined prior to making a decision. Ensure that the asking price is fair when compared to its competitors. Furthermore, ensure the price has been set in accordance to the location and the facilities on offer for instance kingsford waterbay price should reflect the facilities it offers. Whereas one should not be prepared to pay an exorbitant amount for an apartment or hotel that is located far away from the business complex. 

Hotel/ Apartment

It is traditional for companies to book their corporate guests into hotels as they may have a long- standing business understanding with the hotel. Where, the hotel may provide a certain discount or offer a special price after a certain number of guests have been provided accommodation under the hotel.  Furthermore, many guests would prefer to stay in hotels as they would have the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities offered by such establishments. However, companies should instead opt to purchase an apartment because after the initial purchase price they would not be required to make any more payments. Thus, many would consider this to be a budget friendly purchase in the long run. Furthermore, while one can opt to purchase a fully furnished apartment other can also opt to furnish the apartment according to the needs of the corporate guests. Moreover, a cleaning service company can be hired to clean the apartment prior to the arrival of the guest.

With the help of the aforementioned tips companies can ensure that they purchase an apartment or enter into a budget friendly understanding with a hotel.

Arrange Accommodation For Corporate Guests

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