The Western Pacific is teeming with many islands and surrounding coral reefs that are greatly sought after by many travellers, scientists and explorers alike. However, some of the islands are remotely located with very few having access to modern facilities such as road networks. Therefore travelling via boat is the best option if you are planning to tour these regions.

Liveboard diving or sightseeing on one is the most recommended mode of travel when it comes to touring islands and reaching some of the most remote yet exotic locations on offer. Many travellers prefer this form as it is relaxing and sailing is far more interesting and soothing than taking dusty or bumpy roads to remote areas. Some of the best underwater adventures are now carried out via fully equipped boats or yachts.

Indonesia is one prime location with these facilities on offer. The archipelago consists of more than 15,000 islands and some of them do not have any road systems are all. But some of the best marine life and corals are said to be found surrounding these remote locations. Therefore seeing them via an offshore operator is the best option. Not only does the area offer wonderful marine life, but amazing cultural aspects on land can also be viewed or experienced while travelling by boat as well. Since there is no getting on and off during the trip, travellers save time and can easily experience a myriad of adventures while being on board. Travellers are also likely to have a great natural experience as sailing will provide them with a great view to take in turquoise lagoons, pink and gold mixed beaches stretching for miles and white limestone rock like castles.

The Komodo island liveaboard diving region is also a hugely attractive place for divers from world over to explore marine life. Consisting of more than 100 islands the region is roughly about 2000 km wide and boasts of some of the best sights for snorkelling, muck diving, swimming with sharks and seeing coral reefs. And all of these and more can be done while staying in a boat. Though there are many gorgeous resorts available on land, it is recommended that off shore travel is the best option to actually experience everything the islands have to offer. Travellers are likely to encounter some of the seas teeming with shark and manta rays, while also seeing a lot of Pelagic fish all from the comfort and luxury of their boat. There are also some great wreck sites to explore as well.

Both these locations offer some of the best underwater and land exploration opportunities world over. The boats that offer sightseeing and swimming under water come fully equipped to cater to many kinds of dives such as drift dives, wreck dives, checking out the reefs and even muck dives.

Accessing The Inaccessible Tropics With Convenience

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